Water outages Brackenhurst and surrounding areas

Water outages Brackenhurst and surrounding areas

Brackenhurst, Brackendowns and surrounding areas have been experiencing water issues for most of the day on June 15. DA Ward Councillor have done the following Press Statement:

Better communication required for better service delivery standards

by Cllr Malcolm Maifala DA Ward Councillor


Following experiences of residents in Brackenhurst, Brackendowns and surrounding areas being without water for most of the day on Thursday, June 15, one major lesson which can be taken from the experience is the need for the City of Ekurhuleni to invest in efficient communication channels.

While incidents and accidents happen, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ward 38 believes it is important for government to be more responsive and ensure that communication reaches as many residents as possible.

While the DA appreciates the efforts of the technicians to ensure that water is restored in affected areas, the party believes the ANC-led coalition government needs to look at the efficiency of its communication channels.

The DA notes an attempt by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) to communicate via Facebook, however, where the municipality failed is with the lack of interaction with residents who deserved constant updates. Residents struggled to even access the call centre, which should be the main and most efficient line of communication.

EMM needs to invest in a system where residents are sent messages via SMS and not only through social media. Had it not been for the combined efforts of the ward councillor and the residents’ association, the residents would have been left further in the dark during this time.

The DA would also like to give credit to the officials who worked tirelessly to ensure that the councillors received information they could relay to the residents. While this was a positive, the DA feels, more often than not, residents are left clueless whenever there is a major issue with service delivery in the area.

Under a DA-led government, residents can expect an administration that ensures that the existing infrastructure is well maintained, and thus minimising the impact of ‘accidents’ occurring.

Furthermore, a DA-led government will ensure that residents enjoy the efficiency of a responsive government, which will ensure that adequate and efficient communication is made available in case of emergencies.

Water outages Brackenhurst and surrounding areas