Quick Actions By Fox Security

Quick Actions By Fox Security

Quick Actions By Fox Security: The Fox Control Centre received a call from a client at Sunview Townhouses, stating that someone was breaking into one of the units on Tuesday November 8 at around 11:50. Tactical units and reaction units were immediately dispatched and Brackendowns SAPS were contacted to assist. “On arrival, our client informed us that they were breaking in next door. Johnny, our reaction officer who was first on the scene, caught two suspects, with tools like screwdrivers etc. which they’d allegedly used to break into the property with,” said Fox Security.

Backup arrived on the scene seconds later and helped with detaining the suspects until SAPS arrived. It was also found that they’d allegedly tried to break into more than one unit in the complex. Well done to all members involved. The suspects was taken to the police station for further investigation.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system, preferably connected to an armed response company, can act as an effective deterrent.

In the rural environment a siren/alarm on the roof that can be heard over a long distance and that can be activated by means of a switch/panic button in the house, is recommended.

A few switches/panic buttons in different rooms of the house should preferably be installed.

An alarm must also have the capability to warn the occupants of any intrusion into the house.

Examples of alarm systems:

  • Mechanical and/or electrical (purchased types)
  • Improvised systems
  • Threaded tins
  • Threaded pieces of iron
  • Gravel on window pains, pathways or around the home
  • Obstacles that can make a noise when moved
  • Biological Systems:
    • Dogs

Quick Actions By Fox Security