Power of The League

Power of The League

Power of The League

A bright light blinds him as he is forced into the arena, Summoners Rift, know only by its creators.

Next to him, 4 more competitors also unknown to him. A loud voice rings in his ears :”Welcome to Summoners Rift”.

It has begun . . .

You are behind the keyboard in this strategy focused MOBA, as you tighten the grip on your mouse and lean in closer so you don’t make that fatal mistake that can get you killed. . .

This is League of Legends, an action packed MOBA suited for anyone.

Starting out with nothing and building your profile to the top. From supporting your favorite team at the World Championships to playing for your favorite team at the very same tournament, nothing is impossible.

League Of Legends is a team based MOBA which is centered around your nexus(of which each team has one). If the nexus dies, you lose. The map, a square map with 3 lanes(Top, Mid and Bottom)

Each lane spawns minions of each team throughout the game, which you can kill for gold. As you progress through the game your character will level up from 1 to 18, getting stronger as you go. Depending on the main damage of your champion, it will decide which items you buy(Attack Damage, which relies on basic attacks and Ability Power which relies on Champion abilities.).

Buying items is the last move to make if you want to get stronger, killing minions grants the gold to buy these items.

Each of these lanes has a purpose, as there is only 3 lanes and 5 players, it is recommended that 2 player play in the Bottom lane and on in the Jungle(which is the space between the lanes).

With a wide variety of champions in 6 different classes : Tanks, Fighters, Mages, Assassins, Marksman, Support.

Tanks are the beefy champions with a lot of hit points and usually not a lot of damage.

Fighters are those champions that need a fight to be of any use, they can take anyone on, or so they think.

Mages, the long range(maybe a bit scared) champions that rely on their abilities to damage, kill and protect themselves.

Assassins are the champions with very low hit point but know exactly how to kill you and how to do it fast.

Marksmen, the core damage of the team, easy to kill, if you don’t die first.

Support champions are not always tank champions, some can be mages as well, the only purpose they have is to support their team in any way possible.

This is just the basics of League of Legends, bringing the first part of “Power of the League” to a close.

Power of The League