Poor discipline in the EMPD under MMC Chauke

Poor discipline in the EMPD under MMC Chauke

Poor discipline in the EMPD under MMC Chauke – According to answers received from the October Council meeting, it is clear that very little progress has been made with discipline within the EMPD by the MMC of Community Safety, Cllr. Vivienne Chauke, and Oversight Chairman, Alderman Izak Berg. It has been just over a year since Alderman Berg was appointed as Community Safety Oversight Chairman and not much has changed.  The Department has incidents of ill-discipline and bad conduct constantly surfacing on social media.


Poor discipline in the EMPD under MMC ChaukeIt seems that a majority of the 115 EMPD officials with criminal records during the previous Council term have still remained to be EMPD officials. Furthermore, MMC Chauke admitted that she has no idea which EMPD officials have criminal records, as the Department is currently undertaking a process of vetting all members through the State Security Agency.


In response to the latest set of questions I submitted, enquiring about the EMPD Integrity & Standards Unit and EMPD members with criminal records, it seemed to me that MMC Chauke is trying to hide the rot in her Department as she stated that “once a person (EMPD member) has applied for an expungement and a criminal clearance certificate has been issued, no previous records can be traced”. This means that individuals with previous criminal records are still employed as EMPD officials within the EMM.



In September, we reported that one particular official serving in the EMPD VIP Unit who was found guilty of murder was still IMG-20171027-WA0007serving in the EMPD. We are pleased to report that, after exerting much pressure on the Department, the criminal has finally been dismissed and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.


However, another incident surfaced that there is a possibility that another EMPD official has been charged with

  • discharge of an official firearm and in the process shot and killed a civilian
  • accepted money for losing a blood sample of an alleged drunk driver allegedly responsible for the death of a person
  • shot a member of the public without a lawful reason with his private shotgun  –  this matter will most certainly be investigated by the DA Caucus Community Safety Members






The Democratic Alliance (DA) Caucus Oversight Members have furthermore experienced a certain degree of disregard by Chairman Alderman Berg in meetings as he seem to be fixated on outstanding fines owed by Ekurhuleni Councilors and more important issues are falling by the wayside. As DA Councilors we will pursue all instances of ill-discipline and ensure that MMC Chauke is held accountable for her Department’s inadequacies.

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Poor discipline in the EMPD under MMC Chauke