Palmietkuilen Coal Mining Project Rejected

Palmietkuilen Coal Mining Project Rejected – The Democratic Alliance (DA) is elated that after raising and objecting to the Palmietkuilen Coal Mine Project at both Provincial and National structures. The Department of Mineral Resources has refused to grant permission for the proposed Palmietkuilen Coal Mining Project.

Palmietkuilen Coal Mining Project Rejected

Earlier this year, the DA officially lodged an objection with the Department of Mineral Resources against the proposed open cast coal mine to be situated on the Palmietkuilen farm in Lesedi.

Two petitions were submitted on behalf of the residents of Springs and surrounding areas to investigate the negative impact and to disallow the proposed Palmietkuilen Coal Mine near Sprigs to be developed. The petitions were submitted on the following grounds:

  1. That the proposed coal mine will threaten the livelihoods of all people involved in the agricultural and rural development sectors,
  2. Destroy numerous wetlands and the wildlife habitat of the Blesbokspruit and surrounding water bodies,
  3. Threaten sensitive and productive agricultural industries which contribute to the food security of Gauteng and beyond,
  4. And will irreparably damage the environment and contributing eco systems.

Following numerous environmental impact assessments, public meetings which I personally attended and a lot of hard work on the ground, the proposed coal mine has finally been rejected. A formal letter refusing permission has been issued from the Gauteng Department of Mineral Resources (attached – page 8 &9).

We vowed to fight this proposed mine on the grounds that the Constitution enshrines every South African’s right to an environment that is not harmful to their wellbeing or health. The residents and professionals residing in the Springs area and surrounds must be commended for their tenacity and spirit of community activism.

This is an absolute victory for the residents of Ekurhuleni and Lesedi, and for the DA, that this proposed coal mine has been rejected. The people have been heard and the DA will continue to raise matters of public importance on behalf of all residents. The DA in Ekurhuleni will continue to listen and serve the residents and communities of Ekurhuleni.


by Cllr. Gary Scallan – DA PR Councillor and Member of the Environmental Development Oversight Committee in Ekurhuleni


Palmietkuilen Coal Mining Project Rejected