Not allowed to clean Alberton

Not allowed to clean Alberton

Not allowed to clean Alberton – Recently the very active group AfriForum Alberton wanted to get together to do a cleanup on the corner of Hendrik Potgieter and Pieter Uys on their own time and own resources. According to Ekurhuleni they will not allow people to try and better Alberton as its illegal but at the same time they are allowing mechanics on the same corner to work illegally on the side of the road dumping their oil into the streets of Alberton.  How is this possible?

Below is the post from AfriForum Alberton’s post via social media:

After all we have done and planned, the funds and time we spent to make the project a success, even after Parks said they will assist us, and council said they will give us manpower to assist with the Project, we received this letter late today.

Ekurhuleni feels that it is fine for illegal mechanics to work on motor vehicles on the corner of Hendrik Potgieter and Pieter Uys Avenue, and for people to discard of old motor oil on the corner.

But when the community attempts to fix the area and make it look neat again this is the kind of email we receive. I would like to know what the council has planned to rehabilitate the area, seeing that the community is not allowed to.

They haven’t done anything to fix it, but no one else is allowed to either, it is that logic what makes this whole situation the saddest part of everything.

AfriForum Alberton will continue the fight to rehabilitate the corner, we want our community to live in a clean and tidy environment. Hopefully one day, we will be able to keep our town clean like we want it to be.

Edmund Burke once said ~ All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Good Afternoon

It has come to our attention that Afriforum Alberton intends to tidy up / clean up / plant succulents and/or plants on Saturday 20 May 2017 on Council owned property.

It also further came to our attention that you also intend closing off the vacant area and plant trees thereon.

The property in question, Erf 1386 Alberton, situated on the corner of Pieter Uys Avenue and Hendrik Potgieter Street, Alberton (Alberton North) is in the ownership of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and all vacant or developed land is controlled by the Corporate Legal Department (Properties / Real Estate). (See attached Locality Plan).

No actions of this nature can be allowed unless a proper, motivated, detailed, written request is submitted to Council for consideration.

Although what you propose to do is commendable, there are certain legal processes to be complied with before consent can be granted.

Such a request needs to be circulated to the appropriate Essential Services Departments before Council can either approve or deny the request.

This is not only to comply with legal procedure, but also to ensure that all services, which may be located close to the surface, are protected.

If electrical services are damaged, for example:

People can be injured, or worse. That could cause organisers of such actions to be held personally and collectively, responsible for any public liability claims.

You are therefore requested to kindly refrain from such actions until the proper procedure has been followed and consent has been granted.


Derek Gouws
Acting Manager: Corporate Legal Services
Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
Real Estate Department: Property Management Division