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  • Landshark IT

      Landshark IT: We all have a laptop or desktop in this day and age and we all at some point or another have issues with them as well be it that you cant print to your printer or your computer just doesn’t want to do what it is meant to do and you have […]

  • Cyber Bullying On The Rise

    Cyber Bullying On The Rise: According to the Vodafone global survey of teen cyber-bullying, released in September last year. It was done in 11 countries: the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Greece, South Africa, the US, Ireland and the Czech Republic. Of the 4720 teenagers surveyed, 43% said cyber-bullying was a bigger problem for […]

  • Alphabet Takes TopSpot

    Alphabet Takes TopSpot: Alphabet- Google’s parent company- has surpassed  everyone even Apple as the world’s most valuable company after its latest earnings report. The company made a profit of $4.9bn (£3.4bn) for the fourth quarter, an increase from $4.7bn a year ago. That means that Alphabet is now worth around a staggering $568bn, compared with Apple, which has […]

  • Virtual Reality at your finger tips

    Watch movies and play games in 3D and 360 degrees.  Its the new Homido Smartphone virtual reality headset.  It has an awesome head track feature that gives you the 360 degrees function.  It is compatible with your smartphone (Android and IOS).  Just slip it in and there you go. Virtual reality at your finger tips.  […]

  • Microsoft’s New Arrival

    Microsoft’s New Arrival : Microsoft has launched a laptop which they have dubbed the Surface Book, as part of a suite of new Windows 10 products. Analysts have said the new laptop may help revive the ailing PC market. It is designed to take on Apple’s Macbook, with Microsoft directly comparing the products. It said that, just as its […]

  • Facebook Issues

    The Social media giant Facebook has become the talk of wall street and many of its users when last week Thursday and this week Monday the site was down. Monday the site was down for close on 40 minutes strangely the world did not stop turning but what did happen was the shares were down nearly […]

  • 3D Printer Helps

    image source 3D Printer Helps : A 3D printed windpipe has been used to practice delicate surgery before an operation on a six-year-old girl at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.  This meant that doctors could correctly pick the tools needed to wash her lungs which meant that she needed to spend less time under anesthetic and […]

  • Something A Bit Vintage

    image source : Google Some vintage tech has recently gone under the hammer in a auction in New York. On the list of items is a Apple 1 that has a starting price of $300,000,Last year, a similar model fetched $365,000, and in 2013 the Henry Ford organisation paid $905,000 for one of the original Apple […]

  • Hong Kong Billionaire’s Plans For Africa

    PCCW, controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li, is planning a video-on-demand service for South Africa that would compete with Netflix and Naspers’s ShowMax.  PCCW’s HKT unit will unveil the entertainment service in the weeks to come  said one of the people, who asked not to be identified as the product hasn’t been made public […]

  • Why Advertise With MyAlberton

    In the sophisticated South African media market, smart consumers expect retailers to have an online presence. Newspaper websites (a sub-category of News and Information) had almost 17 million unique visitors in September 2012, spending an average of 36 minutes per visitor on newspaper sites. The number of internet users is on a rapid rise worldwide and the […]

  • Watch Your Whatsapp

    image source : We all use social media in one form or another but there seems to be a problem with one.  A bug has now put 200 million users of the popular Whatsapp at great risk.  The flaw allows hackers to distribute malware, including ransomware, which demands victims pay a fee to regain access […]

  • Canons New Megapixel Camera Sensor

    Electronics company Canon has now developed a 250 megapixel sensor for use in digital cameras Canons states that the sensor is sensitive enough to read the lettering on the side of a plane 18km away.  However, it added, the gadget will be unlikely to find its way into domestic cameras or smartphones instead the ultra-high-resolution sensor […]

  • Wikipedia Blocks More Than 300 Accounts

    Weeks of investigation revealed 381 accounts that are being used as the English version of Wikipedia for “black hat” editing in which people took money to promote outside interests without disclosing they were on someone’s payroll, according to a blog post.  In some cases, people pretending to represent Wikipedia reached out to subjects of articles […]

  • Acer Reveals Building Block

    image source Acer Acer Reveals Building Block a desktop PC whose parts are designed to be fitted together just like building blocks.  The idea behind the Revo Build is to make it easy to customize a computer without having to unscrew parts of its body to install new components or connect it to other kit via cables. […]

  • Big News For Google

    Is there Big News For Google “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one said founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  They stated that  you could expect us to make “smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative or even strange when compared to our current businesses.” Fro the very beginning […]

  • Agora Shuts Down

    Agora who is one of the biggest  online black markets has shut down due to security issues.  The site said that it recently discovered a flaw in the network that could lead to their server being found.  The site will be down and remain down till they can find a long term solution.  A study into […]

  • 1 Billion Users In A Day

    For the very first time ever since its start Facebook has reached 1 Billion users in a day company founder Mark Zackerberg has announced.  The Milestone was reached on Monday “1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family”, he said in a post.  There are close to 1.5 Billion users […]

  • Ubuntu Possibly The Future

    A great free OS alternative to Windows is definitely Ubuntu Desktop. Ubuntu’s easy interface is quick, secure and with a huge number of applications to browse — for all that you need to do, Ubuntu has everything you need from an OS.  Ubuntu is an African word signifying ‘humankind to others’. It also means ‘I am what I […]

  • Google Fully Charged

    Google fully charged as lightning hits their power grid four times in Belgium.  As a result some people have lost access to the files that were affected by the lightning strike.  Justin Gale, project manager for the lightning protection service Orion, said lightning could strike power or telecommunications cables connected to a building at a […]

  • BitCoin News

    A row has erupted over changing the software that produces bitcoins could split the virtual currency, core developers say.  Bitcoin XT, a new version, is currently being recommended by the currency’s chief scientist, Gavin Andresen.  And its developer, Mike Hearn, says its adoption essential to ensure the currency can cope with growing demand.  Bitcoin’s blockchain – […]