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  • Alberton SPCA Annual Golf Day 2017

    Alberton SPCA Annual Golf Day 2017 – The SPCA is exited to announce that they are hosting their annual golf day in November. Date: 02 November 2017 Venue: Reading Golf Club Times: Registration 10am – Shot Gun Start 12:00 Costs: R1800 fourball The Alberton SPCA Management Committee would appreciate any help to make the day […]

  • How you can help Alberton SPCA

    How you can help Alberton SPCA – Alberton SPCA receives no government funding and so we rely on the generosity of our supporters to enable us to continue our mission. There are numerous ways you can help, as listed below. Please remember that all donations are tax deductible and we can send you a Section […]

  • SPCA Alberton How To Help

    SPCA Alberton How To Help: As an animal welfare organisation they acknowledge all animals as sentient beings and strive to prevent their cruelty and exploitation. They aim to achieve this by proactively promoting animal welfare, enforcing animal protection legislation, and prosecuting offenders. Their mission is to maintain a high profile within the community through visibility and interaction. They […]

  • Alberton SPCA Loving Homes Needed

    Alberton SPCA Loving Homes Needed: Milo was quite the little poser. What a cute boy he is and so full of love. He’s still young at only 5 years of age. Please consider making him part of your family. Please contact the Alberton SPCA on 011-907-1568, or come in to meet in person. Specific dogs and […]

  • Alberton SPCA Looking For A Good Home

    Alberton SPCA Looking For A Good Home: This pretty girl is very loving and just loves being fussed. She’s a friendly soul and just longs to have a home where she can be loved. Please consider making her part of your family. Please contact the Alberton SPCA on 011-907-1568, or come in to meet in person. Specific […]

  • Alberton SPCA 2017 Calendar Competition

    Alberton SPCA 2017 Calendar Competition: Think that your pet is the cutest in the land and love showing him or her off then here is the competition just for you. The Alberton SPCA is having their 2017 calendar competition again. If you feel that your pet has what it takes all you have to do […]

  • Mandela Day 67 Challenge

    Mandela Day 67 Challenge: Nelson Mandela International Day (or Mandela Day) is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrated each year on 18 July, Mandela’s birthday. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009. Mandela Day is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the […]

  • Be On The Lookout

    Be On The Lookout: Dog fighting is a type of blood sport generally defined as opposing two game dogs against one another in a ring or a pit for the entertainment of the spectators or the gratification of the dogfighters, who are sometimes referred to as dogmen. Please be on the look out for any Red, […]

  • Alberton SPCA Annual General Meeting

    Alberton SPCA Annual General Meeting: Please remember the Alberton SPCA  AGM is being held on the 25th June at 1pm at the society in Lincoln Rd, General Alberts Park, Alberton. They are inviting all paid-up members of the society, or those interested in joining to please come through and help make a difference. Various issues will […]

  • Alberton SPCA Doggie That Needs A Home

    Alberton SPCA Doggie That Needs A Home: This dog deserves an Oscar for his head tilting as he’s got it down to perfection! He’s simply adorable and very loving. He’s not had an easy life and longs for someone to love. Please consider making him part of your family. He is only two years old and […]

  • Animals Up For Adoption Alberton SPCA

    Animals Up For Adoption Alberton SPCA: latest cats and kittens up for adoption at the Alberton SPCA. The adoption price is R 350 which includes sterilization and vaccinations. A pre-home inspection will need to be done beforehand. Please come in to meet the pet in person. Call Alberton SPCA on 011 907 1568 for further details. This […]

  • Alberton SPCA Needs Your Assistance

    Alberton SPCA Needs Your Assistance: The Alberton SPCA are in urgent need of washing powder as they are doing a lot more washing now that winter has set in. Brand doesnt matter they are kindly asking their fantastic community to please donate some to them so that we can wash blankets or if you wish to […]

  • Alberton SPCA Sterilisation Project

    Alberton SPCA Sterilisation Project: Unfortunately there were some issues at the hall that they booked in Thokoza for their sterilisation project and so they were unable to assist all the pets that were brought to them and are waiting to reschedule and help the community. However they were able to assist a few people that arrived […]

  • Tekkie Tax Alberton SPCA

    Tekkie Tax Alberton SPCA: Just a reminder that there are only a few days to go and if you haven’t already got your shoelaces and stickers, the Alberton SPCA have stickers left at the branch/with the committee, or else you can buy laces at Clicks or stickers at Toys R Us and Babies R Us. […]

  • Alberton SPCA Needs Your Support

      Alberton SPCA Needs Your Support: The Alberton SPCA is in need of two new laptops. Unfortunately there are frequent power failures in the area and as a result they lose work or simply cannot continue to work until the power is resumed. Obviously this is very frustrating for their staff and anyone who goes threw […]

  • Alberton SPCA Loving Homes Needed

    Alberton SPCA Loving Homes Needed: We all love animals well most of us anyway and if you feel that you can offer a loving home to an animal please do go to the Alberton SPCA as there are many many many animals that would love a second chance at some love. This stunning cat needs a […]

  • Alberton SPCA Outreach Program

    Alberton SPCA Outreach Program: The Alberton SPCA are holding a community outreach program on Saturday 21st May in Thokoza, where they will be handing out food, blankets, collars and bowls to the community animals, as well as vaccinating and assessing their general health. This is a big task and so they are asking for volunteers to […]

  • Alberton SPCA My School Card

    Alberton SPCA My School Card: The MyPlanet fundraising programme was launched as an extension of MySchool to provide community-minded people like yourself the opportunity to support a worthy cause close to their heart, without costing them a cent. You can support the charity of your choice every time you shop! Our partners will donate a percentage […]

  • 94.7 Team Alberton SPCA

    94.7 Team Alberton SPCA: Almost that time again if you are a avid rider ask yourself are you riding the 94.7 cycle race this year? If so, why not ride for a purpose and support Team Alberton SPCA. Please direct all enquiries to Michelle at, and remember to encourage your team mates to join […]

  • Alberton SPCA SMS Line

    Alberton SPCA SMS Line: Few initiatives are as close to the heart of so many South Africans as the wellbeing of our animals, and the Alberton SPCA sees this daily in the amount of publicity generated by our work. From the work our inspectors do to save animals from harm, through to our various fundraising events, […]