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  • Vegan Vs Vegetarian

    Vegan Vs Vegetarian: You might thing its all the same but really once you have a closer look it really is not. Neither vegans nor vegetarians eat meat. However, while vegetarians tend to consume dairy products and eggs, a vegan avoids all animal products, including eggs and dairy, and often inedible animal-based products, such as leather, […]

  • Are You Forgetful

    Are You Forgetful: Memory slips are aggravating, frustrating, and sometimes worrisome and causes trouble at work. If memory lapses are bugging you, it’s worth a conversation with your doctor to see if any reversible causes are at the root of the problem. Something like getting more sleep, switching a medication, or a stress reduction program could get […]

  • Are You Feeling Like Just Ending It

    Are You Feeling Like Just Ending It: You’re not alone; many of us have had suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives. Feeling suicidal is not a character defect, and it doesn’t mean that you are crazy, or weak, or flawed. It only means that you have more pain than you can cope with right […]

  • Rietvlei Zoo Farm Run Walk

    Rietvlei Zoo Farm Run Walk: Come one come all for your daily 5km walking or running training at 5pm at Rietvlei Zoo Farm. Meet at Rietvlei Trails Lapa. Train on the 5km parkrun trail. Cost is R10 per walk/run. Trail cards of R100 available. No need to train alone – beginners and novices welcome. Contact Dion […]

  • Dangers Of Smoking While Pregnant

    Dangers Of Smoking While Pregnant: If your health isn’t enough to make you quit smoking, then the health of your baby should be. Smoking during pregnancy is bad for you and your baby. Quitting smoking, even if you’re already pregnant, can make a big difference in your baby’s life. Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body […]

  • Illegal Dumping And Sewage Overflow

    Illegal Dumping And Sewage Overflow: Recently the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality responds to a letter by a resident, complaining about illegal dumping and sewage overflow. The veld is situated along Jackson Street and can be accessed on the corner of Jackson and Vermooten streets. “An inspection on site was carried out and it was discovered that most […]

  • Brackenhurst Lapa Burns Down

    Brackenhurst Lapa Burns Down: In Freylinia Street, in Brackenhurst, a lapa caught fire on July 12. Fox Security’s control room received a call at 13:47 and tactical and reaction units were dispatched to the scene and the fire department was informed. Upon their arrival, officers from Fox started to bring the fire under control while awaiting the fire […]

  • JHB Rotary Club Blanket Drive

    JHB Rotary Club Blanket Drive: The cold weather as you can feel is upon us and the Rotary Club of Johannesburg South 101’s annual Blanket Drive is taking place again this year. They distribute to the poor and needy (although not street beggars) both locally and in the rural areas. Last year they even distributed three normal bales […]

  • Big Stink In Randhart

    Big Stink In Randhart: After just 18 months of living in this house, on Poets Avenue, Randhart, we are ready to move, because we cannot handle this disgusting overflowing sewer anymore states the residents. This problem of ours has been ongoing for around two months now, and although the municipality sends someone from time to time, they […]

  • 14 Injured On N3 North

    14 Injured On N3 North: 14 people were injured when a taxi driver lost control of the vehicle on the N3 north before Buccleuch Friday evening. ER24’s Joburg North, Central and Events crews as well as province and other services attended to the incident. Upon arrival the paramedics found the taxi lying on its side across two […]

  • Be On The Lookout

    Be On The Lookout: Dog fighting is a type of blood sport generally defined as opposing two game dogs against one another in a ring or a pit for the entertainment of the spectators or the gratification of the dogfighters, who are sometimes referred to as dogmen. Please be on the look out for any Red, […]

  • Hangover Remedies That Can Help You

    Hangover Remedies That Can Help You: The only way to avoid a pounding head and queasiness the morning after is to drink in moderation, or to stay away from alcohol entirely. But it’s often easy to overindulge. Alternating your drinks with water or another nonalcoholic beverage can help you slow down and stay hydrated. If you still […]

  • Urged To Save Water

    Urged To Save Water: In his Freedom Day speech in Giyani‚ Limpopo‚ he said the government was continuing to look for new sources of water. But with the country in the grips of a severe drought and some of the country’s provinces having been declared disaster areas‚ extraordinary efforts needed to be taken to bring relief to […]

  • Studies In Chocolate

    Studies In Chocolate: In a study out of Kingston University, UK, Rishikesh Kankesh Patel and his team split nine amateur male cyclists into two groups to look at the effect of dark chocolate on athletic performance. Participants in the first group were asked to replace one of their normal daily snacks with 40g of dark chocolate for […]

  • Freedom Day Park Run

    Freedom Day Park Run: To one and all save the date for this special freedom day parkrun on Wed 27th April 2016 starting at 8.45am at Rietvlei Zoo Farm. Dress up in SA flag colours and accessories. Prizes will be given for best dressed! It’s 5km walk/run, it’s fun and it’s free. Bring your family […]

  • Reading Interchange Accident

    image source: Record Reading Interchange Accident: Two people were left dead and at least nine were injured in a severe accident that happened at the Reading Interchange at around 07:00 yesterday morning. According to Moses Ntombela, who claims to be the owner of the taxi and father of the driver, his son was driving towards Johannesburg on the N12/R59 […]

  • Rietvlei Zoo Farm Activities

    Rietvlei Zoo Farm Activities: We have many parkrunners achieving their 50th parkrun at Rietvlei Zoo Farm. Join us every Saturday at 8am for Rietvlei parkrun. It’s 5km walk or run, it’s fun and it’s free! All ages welcome. Register on and now Senior Fitness Classes now at Rietvlei Zoo Farm on Tuesdays and Friday mornings at 9.30am. Contact […]

  • Shortage Of Engineers

    Shortage Of Engineers: The country’s “chronic” shortage of engineers in municipalities is having a detrimental effect on the quality of drinking water this is according to Manglin Pillay, CEO of the SA Institution of Civil Engineers (Saice), who was speaking after the release of a damning report into the state of the country’s water services last […]

  • Birth Rate Drops

    Birth Rate Drops: The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) on Thursday said South Africans had reason to celebrate because the still birth rate was falling sharply – an indication that mother and child health was improving. Released by the IRR, the South Africa Survey 2016 showed that the still birth rate fell from 27 out of every […]

  • The military diet

    The military diet   If you are looking to lose those extra 5kg’s or if you are looking for the diet to help get your weight loss started, this is the diet for you. As with all diets it is always best to check with you physician first. This is a tree day diet, Yes […]