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  • Human remains found

    HUMAN REMAINS FOUND – According to Captain Tshilate, Communication Officer of SAPS, an inquest docket was opened by Heidelberg Police after human remains were found on Spaarwater smallholdings between Heidelberg and Carnival City.   On the 3rd of January 2018 at 18:30, a resident of Spaarwater smallholdings, while walking his dog, discovered a human skull, backbone […]

  • Robbers Caught In Alberton

      The quick actions of a police Flying Squad officer led to the arrest of four alleged house robbers on 3 September 2015. According to Gauteng police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Katlego Mogale, the flying squad officer was on his way to work from his home in Heidelberg when he was stopped by a man saying […]

  • A Bad Week In The Drug Underworld

    On Friday, 28 August 2015, a major haul of 143kg of cocaine where intercepted by the anti-smuggling unit at OR Tambo International Airport. During a normal routine search on Friday morning, members of the anti-smuggling unit based at the cargo section of OR Tambo found the drugs hidden in 147 hair product bottles. The drugs, […]

  • A bad week for truck Hi-Jackers

    A British American Tobacco delivery truck was hi jacked on the 14th of August 2015. The Heidelberg and Nigel Police, Metro Police, Dog unit, Flying squad, & security companies joined efforts and apprehended three of the robbers at Heidelberg Mall and one in Nigel.  Heidelberg has become known as one of the places with the […]

  • Body found next to Old Alberton road.

    On the 13th of August, the body of an unknown man was found on the Old Alberton road (R103). The body was found at 10:30. According to the police, the man was shot in the head, execution style.  Last week Police also discovered human remains in a wetland next to the N3. The discovery was […]

  • Former Church Becomes A Drug Lab

    On the 21st of July a drug lab was discovered in Nigel. Members from Nigel Metro Police and the Rural Safety Unit came across the laboratory after a fire erupted at the old Grace Church on Hallgate smallholdings. It is presumed that the fire was caused by an electrical fault, which spread to containers filled […]

  • Heidelberg – Murder

    On the 22nd The owner of Paki General Dealer in the Sunshine building in Suttman Street, Heidelberg, was found murdered. The discovery was made by his friends at 8:15 this morning. The man, in his late forties and of Pakistani nationality, was found in his sleeping quarters at the back of his shop, with his […]

  • SANCA Campaign

    MyAlberton and LandsharkIT have come together and have joined with SANCA on two of their campaigns which are the  “Tree of life” campaign and the “Quit 1 habit for 1 week” campaign. The United Nations World Drug Report has named South Africa as one of the drug capitals of the world. In fact, South Africa is ranked under […]

  • Open conversation with a drug dealer

    OPEN CONVERSATION WITH A DRUG DEALER   The therapy session started like most of my therapy session do, with the usual: How are you? Tell me a bit about yourself? What kind of help do you think you need? Never in my wildest dreams could I foresee the conversation that was about to follow.   […]

  • New drug – Strawberry Quick

    STRAWBERRY QUICK – TRICK OR TREAT?   “Hello”, Clive says nervously. “It’’s me..It’s Clive”. Sam hangs up the phone. Sam is one of the many local drug dealers. He knows his clients well and is sceptic when Clive calls from an unknown number. A short while later the phone rings in the nervous hands of […]

  • The devastating effects of CAT

    THE DEVASTATING EFFECTS OF CAT   “Cat ruined my life”, she said with tears running down her emaciated face. She has lost her dignity, her morals, her education, her health. She caused unrepairable damage to her family relationships and have almost lost her life. Yet, she returned for one more line. Mandy started her experimentation […]

  • Cancer Awareness

    We were shocked and overcome by sadness when we heard the news: “The cancer has spread.” We knew the implications but held on to the hope that it would not be too late. Filled with a fear that only cancer patients and their families really understand, we faced the next couple of days as bravely […]

  • Nyaope the devastating street drug

    The smell of death lingers in the air. Yellow police tape marks off a corrugated iron shack adjacent to a RDP house. Nyaope, the devastating street drug, has claimed another victim. This time the victim is not the drug addict, but a vulnerable elderly lady, brutally raped and killed by her own grandchild for a […]

  • The harsh reality of substance abuse

    THE HARSH REALITY OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE   People often stand oblivious when it comes to substance abuse, thinking that it does not concern them. Reality is that drug abuse are not determined by age, race, gender, social class or economic status. It is an equal opportunity reaper, slashing families apart and destroying lives.   The […]