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  • Corruption between ANC councillor and Ekurhuleni

    AfriForum uncovered corruption between ANC councillor Neil Diamond and Ekurhuleni.  This is according to an article posted on Afriforum’s website by Marelie Greeff. This follows a transaction between Diamond and Ekurhuleni where the value of the two pieces of land differed more than R60 million. Original Article Afriforum The transaction does not only amount to […]

  • Water outages Brackenhurst and surrounding areas

    Brackenhurst, Brackendowns and surrounding areas have been experiencing water issues for most of the day on June 15. DA Ward Councillor have done the following Press Statement: Better communication required for better service delivery standards by Cllr Malcolm Maifala DA Ward Councillor   Following experiences of residents in Brackenhurst, Brackendowns and surrounding areas being without […]

  • Objections on proposed high density development

    Objections on proposed high density development -Mamphele Development Planners CC is the authorised agent of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and the registered owner of ERF 372 General Albertspark Ext 2.(Land opposite Lemon Tree Shopping Mall). They are proposing a high density development in Lincoln Road, Alberton.  According to paperwork handed in at Ekurhuleni we could establish […]

  • Chaos Doctrine releases debut track

    Chaos Doctrine, a metal band based right here in Alberton, just released the debut track from their forthcoming debut album. The track, CULT, has gotten a lot of attention and we decided to catch up with some of the band’s members at their studio. MY ALBERTON: Hi guys! Tell us about your connection to Alberton? […]